What makes you different from the Home Centers that sell the same brands?

We have several differences. One would be our years of experience in designing. A lot of people can layout cabinet design as there are literally thousands of options. What sets us apart is in our slogan “The difference is in the details”. We get you what you want, down to the smallest detail, on your budget. Kitchen design is our focus because that’s our business. Another difference is we will manage your project from start to finish, making as many visits to your home as required for your satisfaction, with no additional charge. The most common misconception is pricing. Our pricing will be very competitive to theirs and should be identical on “Apples to Apples” comparisons. 


What services do you offer and how do we begin?

We offer design, sales and installation of Kitchen & Bath cabinets and countertops. We begin the process by visiting your home to get suggestions and measurements or you may deliver this information to us on your initial visit to our showroom. 


Do we need to come to your showroom first or have you come to our home?

It really doesn’t matter, we can work off of your measurements initially, but eventually we need to come to your home and take our measurements. If there are questions regarding unique space requirements or possible construction/demolition then the initial interview would be better in the home.


Is there a charge for a home visit?

No. We will visit your home, gather measurements and information regarding your ideas, return to our office and prepare a computerized drawing of your proposed kitchen showing you different views and perspectives. There is no charge for these services.


How long will this project take to complete?

The process from start to finish normally averages about 10 weeks total. This is from the time of your first appointment until you are using your new kitchen. There are several factors that can shorten or extend the process. The most important factor is you take as much time as you need to ensure your “peace of mind” on your choices. We work your timeline and your schedule.


Do you do construction, plumbing and electrical?

We don’t do these services in house, however we have established relationships with several quality contractors, plumbers, and electricians that we can refer to you for you to obtain quotes directly from them. We will however manage your project and co-ordinate their services.