Let Us Guide You

No matter if your ideas are fully developed or a collection of inspirations, we can take your ideas to develop the dream you seek. Together we will develop the project design, material requirements, construction time-lines and budget to take your dream to reality.

Quality Design Combines Beauty and Function

By incorporating your desires and ideas with our expertise, we can develop a plan to ensure you are getting what you desire. No matter what the project we take our client's plans from move dreams to reality.

Below is an example of the level of detail our custom cabinet manufacturer, Schlabach, produces. These prints are shared with the designer and the client to ensure all details are sorted out before production begins.

Building or Remodeling?

Whether building, adding to an existing home or remodeling the array of decisions can be difficult. Kitchens of Chattanooga will help you through the decision process to achieve your goal.

While we are not a construction company we have decades of remodeling experience and are seasoned in working with the other trades to assure your end product meets your expectations.